Mariam Raashed

My name is Mariam and I'm based in Berlin. I am a Multidisciplinary Designer with a focus in UI/UX Design.
I use empathy as my superpower to create user-centred products and interfaces that visually translates user needs. Additionally, my skillset in illustration and motion graphics allows me to enhance the user experience in my projects.


Mockup Sho

UI/UX, Case Study, Speculative Design

A personalised mobile application with an assisted wearable ring to measure your emotions and help you navigate how your online behaviour directly affects your emotions, to help you in better decision making.

UI/UX, App Design, Automated Speech Recognition

As Automated Speech Recognition Systems become more embedded in our society, it has become imperative to collect data that counters the bias we face with such systems.

Illustration, Lottie Animation

Illustration and Lottie Animation Design For Decklaration's Website

Dashboard, Visual Data

Car Factory Production Monitoring System

UI/UX, Case Study

List&Go is designed to facilitate a health-conscious and intelligent shopping experience for users facing challenges in making healthy choices during grocery shopping, whether due to time constraints or a lack of knowledge. The app aims to save users time, provide healthier alternatives, and enhance navigation through visual aids, employing an interactive shopping cart. Ultimately, List&Go strives to deliver the most seamless and efficient shopping experience.

Weside redesign, Typography, Interaction Design

Dafont serves as a repository of freely accessible typefaces, allowing users to explore fonts in alphabetical order or filter them by style, author, or personality. Despite its extensive font collection, the website lacks a cohesive design, particularly given its target audience of designers. To address this, I have developed an alternative version of the site that emphasizes the critical design element of typography. This revamped version also offers a seamless and user-friendly website interaction, specifically tailored for designers to enhance their browsing experience.

We can work together to create beautiful and functional products together. Drop me an message!