Mariam Raashed

Berlin, Germany

Hello! I'm a Multidisciplinary Designer who brings digital experiences to life. A recent graduate with an MA degree in Visual Experience Design from UE, I blend form and function to craft captivating user journeys and visually stunning narratives.

Featured Works


UI/UX Designer

By integrating User Research, Prototyping, and User Experience Design, I ensure that the final product not only meets user expectations but exceeds them. My approach is driven by a commitment to creating digital experiences that are not only visually appealing but also functionally effective, ultimately resulting in increased user satisfaction and the success of your digital endeavors.

Motion Graphics Design

My goal is to create animations that not only enhance the visual appeal of an idea or concept but also effectively convey the message, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on the audience. My skills extend to Lottie animations, which enables me to seamlessly integrate them into web design.


I possess a diverse skill set as an illustrator, encompassing Storyboarding, Children's Book Illustration, and Vector Illustration. In the realm of storytelling, I excel at translating narratives into visually engaging storyboards, serving as the blueprint for various media projects. When it comes to Children's Book Illustration, I create enchanting and educational visuals, captivating young readers through vibrant characters and imaginative settings. Additionally, my proficiency in Vector Illustration ensures that my artwork is scalable and versatile, maintaining its quality across a range of applications, from print materials to digital assets and branding



Data Mirror Project - 2022

Illustraion | Animation

Illustration and Lottie Animation Design For Decklaration's Website - 2021

Personal Project - 2022



Collection of Artwork and Design Projects 2019-2022