Mariam Raashed

Hi, I'm mariam!

I’m a Lahore-born, Berlin-based creative spirit who embarked on a journey fueled by a passion for design and a curiosity about the intricacies of human behavior. My story began with a Bachelor’s degree from Beaconhouse National University in 2019, and since then, I’ve spent four years honing my skills in the dynamic world of graphic design
Driven by a genuine fascination with human psychology, I find joy in unraveling the mysteries of the human mind and decoding why we do what we do. This curiosity naturally led me down the path of UI/UX, prompting me to pursue a Master’s in Visual and Experience Design. Now, I’m soaking up the vibrant energy of Berlin, the startup hub, chasing the European dream of living life to the fullest.
When I’m not immersed in the world of pixels and prototypes, you’ll find me capturing moments through the lens of my film camera. Photography, especially the analog kind, is my way of appreciating the raw beauty in everyday life—waiting patiently for film to develop is a therapeutic art form in itself.
What sets me apart is not just my professional journey but the life experiences that shape my perspective. I bring this personal touch to my work, forging connections on a deeper level. My goal is to contribute to projects that not only bring joy to others but also fill my own creative soul with happiness. Let’s collaborate and create something beautiful together!

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