Mariam Raashed


User Interface, User Experience, App Design

Sanjambir Singh


MA Project Submission

List&Go offers a comprehensive solution tailored to flexitarians aiming to transition to a vegan lifestyle. To deliver the most effective results, we initiated a process that involved conducting user interviews and extensive market analysis. Through this research, we pinpointed the pain points experienced by our target users and gained insights into current market trends. Subsequently, we developed a prototype for an app designed specifically to address these identified pain points. This app is poised to facilitate the transition to a vegan lifestyle for flexitarians, offering a smoother and more convenient experience.


Problem Statement

How Might We Make Meat Alternatives More Accessible And Encourage Consumers To Include Them In Their Groceries More?

Initial Hypothesis: Innovations in the food industry are necessary to develop sustainable and nutrient-rich alternatives to chicken in order to address concerns related to food sustainability, nutrition, and quality, resulting from the widespread use of hormones in chicken production to meet the demand of a growing population.



By Leveraging The Nudge Theory, The App Nudges/ Pushes Forward The Idea Of Including More Plant Based Ingredients In User's Lives.​​

The Solution Consists Of An App ‘List&Go’ Which Consists Of A Smart Cart (IoT) And A Smart List(App) Experience, Which Goes Hand In Hand To Make Plant Based Alternatives More Accessible. ​​



Research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics suggested that consumers are becoming increasingly interested in sustainable and ethically-produced food, with a focus on animal welfare and environmental impact. Furthermore, this trend may lead to increased demand for alternative protein sources and a shift away from traditional animal-based products like chicken.

Additionally, plant-based meat alternatives have grown significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Objectives

  • Identification of key drivers and barriers to consumer adoption of sustainable and nutrient-rich chicken


  • Insight into the current market for chicken alternatives and the competitive landscape in the food industry. 


  • Recommendations for pricing strategies for sustainable and nutrient-rich chicken alternatives. 


User Interview

To understand the pain-points, we interviewed 4 people who are flexitarians trying to be vegans.

Takeaway #1

“Finding the right chicken alternatives is hard”

Takeaway #2

“I don’t know what the alternatives to chicken are”

“Eating chicken is unhealthy but what do I replace it with?”

– Kaustabh Malik


User Insights


One of our users expressed a lack of awareness about other plant-based alternatives, which limited their ability to explore and adopt these alternatives.


Whilst all of our users have expressed the want to try different alternatives to poultry, they don’t know where all the dedicated products are located.


One user’s food choices does not prioritise sustainability, which may impact their willingness to explore and adopt plant-based alternatives.

Touch points


The Approach

This research suggests that nudging users to buy meat alternatives while grocery shopping can encourage them to incorporate these alternatives into their lifestyles.
Because nudges can help users to overcome the inertia that often prevents them from making changes to their habits. By making meat alternatives more visible and accessible, nudges can make it easier for users to choose these products, which can ultimately lead to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.


The Solution

The solution consists of an app ‘List&Go’ which consists of a smart cart (IoT) and a smart list(app) experience, which goes hand in hand to make plant based alternatives more accessible. By leveraging the nudge theory, the app nudges/ pushes forward the idea of including more plant based ingredients in user’s lives.
  • Smart Listing
  • Shopping Experience

Application Detail

User Flow

Smart Listing

Easy List

The smart list can extract ingredients of recipes from URL of recipe’s webpage. Users can directly shift the ingredients to their shopping list.

Healthier Recommendations

By nudging user during the shopping experience, the app recommends the user to choose more plant based alternatives to their meat based ingredients.

Vegan Mode

Users can toggle to vegan only mode which convert their meat based ingredients to lists into plant based alternatives.

Smart Cart

Smartlist Sync

Smart cart can sync with the smartlist from the app which devices and guides you through the shortest route for you through the aisles in AR.

Healthier Route

The smart cart is self-guided IoT device that devices a shortest route through the supermarket aisles which users follow or lead

Easier Checkout

User can self checkout their products within the smart cart and make the payment in the app.

Sketching | Ideation

Hi-fidelity Wireframes


The App

  1. Create your lists or chose previous ones and add ingredients
  2. Add and save URL’s from recipes available on the web and extract ingredients from them
  3. Toggle vegan mode to change the meat- based ingredients to their healthier alternatives
  4. Scan QR code on your smart cart which is available at your Supermarket store.
  5. Follow/Lead the smart cart which devices the shortest route based on your list, along with the AR assist mode to showcase the route for your convenience.
  6. By leveraging the nudge theory, the app recommends you the healthier alternatives
  7. You can switch between the AR view or the 2D view to better view the aisles



In conclusion, throughout our project, we gained a deep appreciation for the significance of user needs and honed our ability to steer our process in a way that prioritizes the development of solutions aligned with those needs and requirements.
Our methodical, step-by-step approach ultimately enabled us to inject innovation into our final project, seamlessly integrating Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), and User Experience Design into a unified whole.