Mariam Raashed


Documentative, Portrait, Film


My photography series has been an exploration of documentary photography where I chose to photograph my grandmother, an 83-year-old, extremely active, woman. My time spent with her introduced me to a different kind of relationship and built a different kind of trust, one that involved a camera. What seemed like documentation of her every move turned into a study of a human being and her lifestyle, her loneliness and her strength. It became a series of undisturbed observations, up close and uninterrupted. In my time spent, I was able to capture candid moments, in-between storytelling or activities, or sometimes even idle situations. I got to study features and the environment. After spending a long time, day after day building up trust, I was able to interact in an attempt to make the subject more comfortable with the camera. A different approach, A different ending to the documentation where the subject, fully aware, poses to the same camera.

Expired Film

35mm photography on Canon AE-1 with an expired B&W film.

Film Photography