Mariam Raashed


Speculative Design, User Interface, User Experience, Animation

Data Mirror Speculative Project

MA Project Submission

Shō is a product that is designed to help users find their true selves. It shows you how much influence the digital world has on you and your sense of self, and also helps you visualise your emotions, patterns, and triggers in an immersive way, ultimately helping you become more self-aware.

Do You really know yourself?

Or do they know you better?

Tech giants that  are predicting our consumption patterns, recommending our favourite tunes, interpreting our emotional states, and consequently modifying our behaviour
Data Mirror

What is the Data Mirror Aspect in Shō?

This concept aims to give individuals an in-depth look into their digital persona by offering a comprehensive representation of their online presence. It serves as a tool for self-reflection, enabling individuals to compare and contrast the image they project online with their true selves. This perspective allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the interplay between technology and personal identity.

What is Shō?

Shō helps you take control of your digital identity, consisting of an app and a wearable ring. The app helps you understand yourself better by collecting data on your online behaviour, emotional responses, and influences. The ring, which collects data on your emotions, allows you to see a holographic representation of your digital identity and stay aware of what’s affecting you. With Shō, you can become more emotionally intelligent and take control of your well-being by understanding, monitoring, and regulating your emotions.
Data Collection Set up

Take a Test & Claim Your Aura Color

The Rorschach is what psychologists call a projective test. The basic idea of this is that when a person is shown an ambiguous, meaningless image (i.e an inkblot) the mind will work hard at imposing meaning on the image. That meaning is generated by the mind.

Link Your Device & View your Shō

The data-tracking ring and the accompanying app can be linked through Bluetooth allowing the ring to transmit emotional data to the app, where it can be analyzed and visualized. 
User Interface | App Features

Online behaviour

The app tracks the impact of digital content on users' online behaviour and offers personalized recommendations for improvement.

Emotional Activity

The app uses data collected from a ring to assess the impact of consumed content on a user's emotions, including information on sleep patterns, EDA, heart rate, and breathing rate.

Influence & Triggers

The app examines a user's social media usage, web browsing patterns, and search history to determine the impact of consumed content on them.


The app provides personalized recommendations for activities or content to watch based on the user's activity analysis.

User Flow
User Persona

User Persona: Sarah

Sarah is a 24-year-old freelance portrait photographer who dedicates a significant amount of time to improving her portfolio and expanding her online reach. She feels pressure to consistently post on her social media to keep her page active and relevant. To relax during her commute, she listens to chill and lo-fi music.
Data Visual

What Does Your Shō Say About You?

Your Shō is visualised based on your emotional activities and overall influences. There are four data aspects of your Shō
  • Blur : The more blur it is would determine how much your emotions have been affected
  • Grain : The more grain there is determines the intensity with which your reality is affected, and the changes occurred based on your consumption and interactions
  • Saturation : The more saturated it is shows the negative influence of consumption of information
  • Distortion : The more distortion the more triggered your state seems to be
Visual Key

How To read Your Shō?

  • Influence Scale : Colour
  • Emotional Activity : Blur
  • Online Behaviour : Grain
  • Triggers : Distortion
  • Progression in data

    The more you are affected by your presence online, the more it will be visually visible through your data visual.


    With Shō , you can have a complete understanding of your emotional patterns and work towards finding your true self. By using cutting-edge data analysis and visualization techniques, this concept empowers users to take control of their digital lives and maintain a healthy balance between their online and offline experiences. The Shō app is an essential tool for anyone looking to stay informed and in control of their digital lives.